5 Foods to Help Keep You Hydrated

We’ve all heard we’re supposed to drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. Without proper hydration, we can experience mental fog, fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, and even rapid heart rate.

Health experts recommend most people drink six to eight cups of water each day. But many people find drinking that much water fairly difficult. 

That’s why eating certain foods is so helpful. Eat the right ones and you’ll easily stay properly hydrated. 

With that in mind, here are 5 foods that can help keep you hydrated:

1. Watermelon

Well, you knew we had to start with this food item. I mean it has the word “water” right in the name. And for good reason. Watermelon has a whopping 92% water content. Great on a hot summer day or anytime as a slightly sweet healthy hydrating treat.

 2. Oranges

Oranges are another fruit that offers a lot of water content, 88% to be exact. Plus, oranges offer beneficial vitamin C to boost your immune system, so they make an excellent choice when it comes to snack time.

3. Strawberries

Another delicious summer food (though luckily we can get them all year-round) strawberries offer a 91% water content. Plus, strawberries contain a lot of beneficial antioxidants, and studies have shown eating them can help fight inflammation. Hello, win/win!

4. Milk

Milk is incredibly nutritious and it offers a 91% water content. Studies have shown milk may be the ideal choice to help you hydrate after a workout. Milk also contains a lot of beneficial protein and vitamins and minerals. 

5. Cucumbers

Cucumbers have got to be one of the most refreshing vegetables around. Not only do they contain 95% water content, but they are also very low in calories, so make an ideal snack if you’re looking to lose weight and hydrate at the same time!

If you’ve never been a fan of trying to chug down cups and cups of water each day, you’re definitely not alone. But no need to panic, just eat more of these hydrating foods each day!